Where to Stay

Where to Stay

Top class hotels, guest houses and lodges guarantee an excellent stay for visitors to the City of Manzini – whether for purposes of business or pleasure. Some of these facilities are located within the Central Business District while others are positioned in the townships. The largest and most popular hotel in Manzini is the 110-room The George Hotel (located towards the east-bound exit point of the city centre along Ngwane Street).

Other popular accommodation facilities are the Park Hotel (also situated in the city centre), the Global Village (situated within the Madonsa township), Manzini Lodge (located in the city centre). Many other guest houses and lodges are littered within the surrounding townships. All these facilities offer a safe and peaceful environment for their guests. Most hotels have their own bars and entertainment programmes for visitors and residents. They also have their security and safety programmes which ensure the visitor enjoys not only a memorable but peaceful stay in the City of Manzini.

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