Technical Services

Technical Services Department

Director Technical Services - Musa Nkonyane

The Technical Services Department is the implementing arm of Council. It is responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure in line with policies, guidelines and priorities set by Council. The department’s operations are primarily governed by the Local Government Act 8/1969, Building and Housing Act of 1968 and other relevant legislation.

Functional Objectives

The functional objectives of the department are planning, designing, construction, operations and maintenance of; roads, foot paths, storm water drains, streetlights, high mast security lights, parks, recreational facilities  and cemeteries. Maintenance of Council vehicles, plant and equipment also forms part of its objectives. Building inspectorate, public transport permitting management, traffic management as well as facilities and property management also form part of the functional objectives of the department. The department is also responsible for implementation of the Building and Housing Act in association with the Community Services Department, planning, monitoring, management and implementation of Council’s physical infrastructure land development project. It is also tasked with liaison with other service providers on service delivery and adherence to set standards.

Departments Structure

The Department is structured as follows;

  • Technical Services Administration
  • Six operational sections, namely:
    • Operations and Maintenance
    • Mechanical Workshop
    • Electrical
    • Transport
    • Parks/Gardens/ Cemeteries
    • Building Inspectorate

The Role of Each Section Under The Department

  • Administration – provides engineering solutions and technologies in the development, improvement and maintenance of infrastructure as well as recommendations for public transport permits, coordination of traffic management issues, management of Council facilities and properties
  • Parks/Gardens & Cemeteries – grass cutting, tree felling, garden maintenance, cemetery maintenance & burial
  • Mechanical Workshop – machinery and vehicle upkeep
  • Public Works – construction and maintenance of pavements, building construction/repairs, fencing, gravel/tarred roads maintenance, storm water drains construction and maintenance, road marking, road/street signage
  • Electrical – installation and maintenance of streetlights, high mast security lights, traffic lights and wiring of Council buildings
  • Transport – management of Council’s Fleet Management System, Central Transport Pooling for vehicles and Heavy Duty Drivers.
  • Building Inspectorate – Building plan receipt, scrutiny, advice, approval, building inspections, illegal construction monitoring, permitting of completed structures for occupation.

Recent Capital Investment Milestones [Over E125 Million Investment]

  • Upgrading of upper portion of Meintjies street, William Pitcher road and Northern Distributor road [wards 6 & 3]
  • Upgrading of Upper Woodmasters road at Woodmasters and Jacaranda Avenue in Coates Valley [wards 6 & 10]
  • Rehabilitation of Inhlangwane road and Loop roads in Madonsa [Ward 8]
  • Rehabilitation of Lusutfu and Mbuluzi Crescent, upgrading of Mkhondvo, Kendal and Carlislie roads at Fairview North [Ward 3]
  • Rehabilitation of Mantayi street, upgrading of Mthombothi, Gundvwini and Mkhaya streets in Ngwane Park [Ward 4]
  • Rehabilitation of D98 road (Zakhele & Ngwane Park), Ngwane Park Main Road (Ngwane Park) and Eagle Road (Coates Valley) [wards 1, 4 & 10, respectively]
  • Rehabilitation of Ngwane street and portions of Nkoseluhlaza street in the city centre [Ward 12]
  • Development of new township situated below Coates Valley (Mkhosi Township Phase I) [Ward 11]
  • Construction of Autism Respite Center at Fairview South [Ward 3]
  • Upgrading of Dlamini, Musi, Nkambule and Goal streets in Zakhele [Ward 1]
  • Construction of Springle road in Ngwane Park [Ward 4]
  • Rehabilitation of a portion of Sandlane street (sponsorship) in the city centre [Ward 12]
  • Upgrading of Somhlolo Park (former Jubilee Park) & installation of King Somhlolo Statue
  • Delivered infrastructure- a total of (9) roads infrastructure was delivered totaling a length of 21.4km
  • Total Investment – Council invested over E125 million in implementing the above infrastructure projects

Funding Source For City's Infrastructure Development

  • Government of Eswatini Annual Budgeted Conditional Infrastructure Capital Grants – Performance Based and grant-specific
  • Loans taken out by the Local Authority after approval by parent Government Ministry (Ministry of Housing & Urban Development)/Ministry of Finance – if the balance sheet of the Local Authority can allow
  • Own Source Funding – if the balance sheet of the Local Authority can allow
  • Contributory financing efforts/assistance – RDF, machinery, etc.
  • Outsourcing of Specialist Skills and Services (Assistance)

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