Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreation


The visitor has a number of different sporting activities at their disposal. There is the Mavuso Sports Centre along the Central Distributor road which is home to different sports facilities including football, athletics, swimming, basketball, volleyball, aerobics and many more. The football portion of this facility is usually utilized by elite league teams especially on weekends. The decades old Manzini Old Trade Fair (located along Ngwane street) is another sports facility that is largely used for football activities. The Zakhele Hall and sports ground, situated along Dr David Hynd road, also adds to the sporting fun in the city especially on weekends.

Various sporting disciplines such as boxing, karate, ballroom dance etc utilize the public hall for their activities during the weekend while next door to it soccer teams from smaller leagues battle it at the sports ground. Just behind the hall there are tennis, basketball, volleyball and netball courts which also attract scores of youths. Other tennis, volleyball and netball courts are available at the LaMvelase Help Centre situated at the corner of Sandlane and Nkoseluhlaza streets. These facilities also home to Wheelchair basketball sports activity. Manzini also has an 18-hole golf course situated at the corner of the Central Distributor road and the MR3 road towards the eastern part of the city. This facility is managed by the Manzini Club.

Occasionally, there are a number of marathon activities which take place within the City of Manzini are are organized by different stakeholders. The City of Manzini also has a fully equipped gymnasium located along Tenbergen and Sandlane Streets at a place called the ‘Fitness Zone’. Another one, the Palaistra Fitness Emporium, is housed within the Mavuso Sports Centre and opens from Mondays to Saturdays. Visitors are welcome in all these sporting facilities. In fact, they are encouraged to visit these places so that they can mingle with citizens and learn more about the city, its people and their culture.

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