Mayor’s Message

His Lordship the Mayor - Councillor Quinton Els's Speeches

Deputy Mayor, Honourable Councillors, Management and our guests, good evening.

I would like to praise the Lord for affording me such an opportunity to be elected to lead the City of Manzini again. The bible says “except the Lord keep a city, the watchman keeps guard in vain.”

May I take this opportunity to thank the Honourable Councillors for the hope and faith they have placed on me. I know that is not easy for men to trust and believe in the leadership of a woman but you have done it and I do not take that for granted. I commit to ensuring that Councillors will look back with pride and say it was indeed a chance worth taking.

A special thanks to the former Mayor, Honourable Councillor Mabuza who has ensured that he provides sound leadership up until now.

And to the people of Manzini, the women and men, children and seniors, the workers in every industry, the small business owners in every neighbourhood, as Council we commit to do everything in the best of your interests at all times.

Manzini is the hub of the Kingdom of Eswatini and this is in many respects. That is why we have been a beacon of hope in the local government space in terms of governance, stability and focus. Indeed we are the epitome of excellence and peace and this is something we are still going to take to the next level because we fully understand that our brief is not to agree on everything but engage in robust debates that take our city forward.

The pizazz of these elections has come and gone and we must now knuckle at the business at hand. This is just one of the activities that spice up life in the chambers on an annual basis.

We have spent time energy and resources to come up with two important documents in the form of the Strategic plan and the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) both documents have very he programs and projects that the Manzini citizens expect us to deliver within the five year term the economic environment and central government fiscal challenges notwithstanding.

It is therefore important for us to work around the clock to find ways and means to deliver on these two documents. The residents did not elect us into office to diagnose challenges the municipality is faced with but instead to come up with solutions on how we will steer the ship out of the murky water we have gotten into following the rapidly deteriorating economic conditions.

From where I am sitting, with the team of Councillors and Management team that we have, I can, without diffidence, assure the residents and stakeholders that the city is in capable hands and after the five years, we will land at the desired destination.

With these few words, I would like to once again thank everyone who has been involved in the process.

I thank you

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