Business Environment

Business Environment


The City of Manzini is undoubtedly the preferred destination for both foreign direct investment and local investment. The city’s location as the hub of Eswatini as well as the fact that it boasts the largest population of all cities and towns in the country not only guarantees a lucrative market share but also gives it a competitive advantage for business. Being strategically located in the centre of the country, the City of Manzini enjoys close proximity with the nearest sea ports (Maputo and Durban) and the Matsapha Dry Port for those who prefer rail transportation. The city’s proximity with the King Mswati III  International Airport further gives Manzini a competitive edge with regard to the movement of passengers and freight. With the existence of a high education level, the City of Manzini guarantees a readily available and energetic skilled and semi-skilled English speaking workforce. The city also enjoys Eswatini’s long established free market economy as well as a safe and secure environment for both business and family. Competitively priced utilities such as water, electricity, telecommunication and postal services are accessible in Manzini.

Issuance of trading licences and other business legal requirements is done by central government’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade which has offices in the City of Manzini. Central government and the Municipal Council have over the years made great strides in ensuring availability of world class road infrastructure in the City of Manzini. The ratio of paved to unpaved roads within the entire Manzini urban boundary currently stands at 60:40. Surfacing of more gravel roads is ongoing at a high pace as part of the Municipal Council’s Capital Improvement Programme. The Central Distributor road provides a by-pass route for haulage trucks and other heavy vehicles thereby easing congestion within the city centre. Streetlights in most townships have been replaced with highly effective high mast lights, guaranteeing safety and security of both business and citizens. The Municipal Council’s competitive property taxes (rates) also contribute to Manzini being the most fertile ground for development.

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