Banking Facilities

Banking Facilities

All the banks that are available in the country proudly have a presence in the City of Manzini. Banks that are available in the Kingdom of Eswatini are: Standard Bank, Nedbank, First National Bank, EswatiniBank and Swaziland Building Society (all located along the city’s Nkoseluhlaza Street). The last two are wholly owned by Emaswati while the others have their headquarters based in neighbouring South Africa. Eswatini, and the City of Manzini, does not yet have exchange bureaus. However, all the banks do offer foreign exchange and international money transfer services. Black market money exchange is not legally recognized in the Kingdom of Eswatini and the City of Manzini. Most of the banks open for business at 8:30am and close at around 3pm during week days while on Saturdays they open from 8:30am to 12pm. None of them open up for business on Sundays and public holidays.

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